I’m Marly, a visual artist from Arnhem, The Netherlands. I create art for animations, books, interactive media and more.


Yes: I do like to draw environments and characters, but what I love the most is the part where I can visually tell stories.

When it comes to my artstyle people say it’s bright and colorful, but for me it’s all about creating art that fits a story. Sure, I love to play with color and light (and a little bit of magic), but while doing that I keep in mind that everything I add should have a purpose and is there to tell a story.  That’s how I make my art more powerful.


I’m also very passionate about projects which involve animals and nature. I feel like it’s really importent to show people that we need some changes. If you’re interested in doing a project around these subjects, definitely contact me!


For enquiries you can fill in the contact form or email me at: info@marlyverzijl.nl


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